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The electronic scientific journal "IT-Standard"


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The electronic scientific journal "IT-Standard" is included in the unified information system of the Intersectoral Council for Standardization of Information Technologies of the  Joint Committee of the Russian Union of  Industrialists and Enterpreneurs (RUIE) on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation.

The unified information system additionally includes:

- portal www.cksit - rspp.ru , the main purpose of which is to popularize works in the field of IT standardization;

- integrated standardization platform

https://online .kodeks.ru , which is a tool for the formation of standardization programs and practical system development of specific standards. The integrated standardization platform  is intended for experts of technical committees for standardization and developers of standards in the field of IT (according to the agreed tolerance).

The main purpose of the journal is to publish articles, the focus of which are scientific rational and discussion about:

- the main priorities of IT development;

- national and interstate IT standardization programs;

- methods and technologies for the development and estimations of the effectiveness of IT standards application;

- methods and technologies of information support of work in the field of IT standardization;

- work on the creation and application of specific IT standards and their profiles;

- experience in the development and application of international IT standards.

The electronic scientific journal "IT-Standard" is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.

Certificate El No. FS77-58000 dated April 28, 2014, ISSN: 2949-0529

2.3.1. System analysis, control and information processing (Technical)

2.3.2 Computing systems and elements (Technical)

2.3.4. Management in organizational systems (Technical)

2.3.5. Mathematical support and software of computing systems, complexes and computer networks (Technical)

2.3.6. Methods and systems of information protection, information security (Technical)

2.3.8. Computer science and information processes (Technical)

2.2.15 Telecommunication systems, networks and devices (Technical)

        ISSN: 2949-0529